Tueller Wall Easels make painting easy!

I have had the Andrew Tischler's french cleat wall easel for years, but I am now painting on aluminum panels, and they require a different type of easel.  My studio is small - 6'w x10'L - with a window on two sides and a door on the other, leaving me one viable wall to use for painting.  This is when I thought of Tueller Wall Easels.

The easels easily hold two paintings - with two panel holders per easel.  I love that I can easily move a painting up to dry and work on another. It is also easy to remove the top painting with a small step ladder.  The best thing is that it takes up very little space.  It's on the wall and that makes life easier as it allows me to work on more than one painting at the same time.

The photograph below shows the painting Mountain View drying on the top with my next painting on the bottom.  The easel on the left will soon have a couple of paintings of its own.