Three Favorite Art Moments of 2020



1. Putting Brush to Canvas

How do you become a good artist?  Practice!  After I returned to painting I was really rusty.  I started to paint everyday for hours at a time. Generally, I painted three hours in the morning and three in the afternoon.  Practice makes you better at whatever you do, and so, I still practice every day.

2.  My First "Wow"

"Luminance" was my the first large painting I did based on a day lily in my garden, backlit by the sun on a warm afternoon. One in a series of large paintings I did during the summer.  This is not an easy feat, by any means.  It took a lot of time - approximately 36 hours - and  it can be tiring at times, as I stand when I paint. I was also filled with doubt as to whether or not I could do this.  I had painted flowers before, but never at this size.  When it was finished, I knew it was worth it.

3.  Oil Painters of America

Becoming a member of Oil Painters of America has been a dream of mine for years. Membership requires submitting paintings to be juried. Finally, in mid December I received an email telling me that I was juried and accepted!  I was over the moon to read this great news, as this was my first attempt!  I am now looking forward to submitting my work for the annual show and meet some of the artists I know!


Thanks for reading!
~ Pearl