New England's most sought after photographer!


Hi, I'm Pearl White and I'm a portrait photographer in Andover, MA.  Welcome to my studio where I create fabulous photography for women and the people they love.  

As a wall portrait artist, I love photographing families and creating personalized wall art that bring them joy to plus increases their children's self esteem everyday. Your children will never remember the images on your computer/phone/laptop they will remember the photographs they can hold in their hands, see on your walls, and enjoy everyday.  I know you love digital images and I do as well, but they are not archival. Too many of my clients have discovered this the hard way.  To archive your images you need to print them!

I am a proud member of the National Association of Professional Child Photographers and Professional Photographer of America.


The studio is known for the magical settings we create for children.  As adults we have stopped believing in magic but to children the world is magical. They have been reading and watching magical stories and to be able to step into that world and become the faerie or mermaid, princess or pirate, is an unforgettable experience for them.

Magic does exist and, for children, the studio is a where magic lives and where I create magic. 

"We are such stuff, as dreams are made on..." ~ William Shakespeare